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I work for Fashion Networks Europe. I am a Project Manager and a Key Account Manager. However sometimes I work hands on with our projects. The videos I'm in the credits for are some of those.

This is my life story, as if it would've been listed if it was made up of fashion seasons, because I was bored when I made this:
Born in Sweden (A/W 87)
Lived in Stockholm (A/W 87 - A/W 06)
Went to Kungsholmen's International Section (High School) (A/W 03 - S/S 06)
Lived in Shanghai for 6 months (A/W 06)
Lived in Paris for two years to study at Parsons Paris School of Art + Design (A/W 07 - S/S 09)
Moved to New York to study at Parsons The Newschool For Design (A/W 09 - S/S 11)
Started working for Fashion Networks International / Fairchild Fashion Media (A/W 11 - S/S 12)
Started working for Fashion Networks Europe (S/S 12 - )

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