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Hello I´m Jesper; I am from Denmark, but live in Berlin, Germany since 2001.
I was born in 1968 and from a very early age, I knew I wanted to have my own business.
At 21 I started my first company, which was a construction company.
During that time, I was introduced to Network Marketing.
Instantly I saw the potential in this kind of sale and distribution.
I started with the first Company, back in 1994.
Since then I have worked with 3 different companies and build organizations in 15 countries.
The one that I am working with now, will be the one that I stay with, for the rest of my life.
I coaches, teaches and advise people, looking for an extra income, building a business or already have a business, to get started right, with a system, which is easy to duplicate in order to achieve the same success.
In today’s world it´s important that you can work locally, globally – That´s why I am using Skype, to support my Business Partners and Clients.
Full time On-line Entrepreneur since 2002.
Been on the net, since 1986.
Language: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and German.

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