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Maharashtra, Pune. India

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José Eduardo Terán is an international leader, entrepreneur and promoter of academic and business opportunities in the video gaming industry.

Thanks to his professional transcendence, Terán has established a string of initiatives dedicated to the production, research and video game development, positioned as one of the most important Spanish-language projects. Moreover, he has encouraged the creation of SMEs with methodologies developed in conjunction with private companies and state governments.

As an expert in the field, Terán has founded and taught educational undergraduate and graduate programs, leading him to expose more than 40 public presentations in the form of lectures, workshops and seminars in various Latin American countries. With a curriculum designed to promote the culture of continuing education, dedication and effort.

He is currently working in India as a project manager and video game developer at the DSK International Campus, considered one of the top universities in animation, industrial design and video game development in the world.

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