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  1. 11:12

    On Location | Fiji

    by Jetset Extra

    5 Videos

    Fiji is exactly what I imagine when dreaming of a balmy tropical destination with turquoise water and palm trees. What sets it apart from the rest of the world's tropical locations is its history…

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  3. 26:54

    On Location | Canada

    by Jetset Extra

    12 Videos

  4. 18:33

    On Location | Italy

    by Jetset Extra

    8 Videos

  5. 09:17

    On Location | Dominican Republic

    by Jetset Extra

    4 Videos

  6. 16:58

    The Extra | Teasers

    by Jetset Extra

    17 Videos

    These travel snapshots give a glimpse at the destinations featured on

  7. 35:16

    On Location | Switzerland

    by Jetset Extra

    10 Videos

    We took a trip with the help of Swiss Deluxe Hotels through Geneva, St. Moritz, Vevey, Bern, and more! Get a sense of the rich history that permeates these properties and follow along in our excisions…

  8. 01:52:06

    On Location | Thailand

    by Jetset Extra

    31 Videos

    Jetset Extra travels through Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and more in a whirlwind tour of Thailand, hitting up the largest luxury hotels to the simplest street carnivals during Songkran, the Thai…

  9. 29:46

    On Location | San Diego, CA

    by Jetset Extra

    10 Videos

    Whether you're an urban explorer or a SoCal regular, San Diego is truly a global city. Tune in for our favorite hotels, restaurants, and tourist hot spots.

  10. 39:47

    The Extra | Winemaking

    by Jetset Extra

    9 Videos

    From Napa Valley to the British Virgin Islands, learn more about the vintners we've encountered and how you can get a taste.

  11. 01:56:25

    On Location | Hollywood, CA

    by Jetset Extra

    34 Videos

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