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"...the group has matured into one of the finest and most exciting jazz groups around."
- Billboard

"A breadth and vision nearly untouched in modern jazz except by the likes of Wayne Shorter and Bill Frisell."
- Signal to Noise

"...a tour de force of jazz melded with classical..."
- Downbeat Magazine
(review of Ludwig)

“…one of the ensembles capable of pushing Jazz into the future with the creative vitality to keep new generations interested in the uniquely American art form.”
- City Beat

"The Tulsa, Okla., combo is as ambitious as ever, playing improvisation-laced music that's equally heady and earthy, a feast for the ears and fuel for the feet."
-SF Chronicle

"....intensely improvisatory head-fuckery, which embraces Beatles covers, free jazz and just about everything in between."
- The Village Voice

"JFJO burns with a quiet intensity rather than dramatically explodes. The musicians play with a coiled looseness, improvising with quicksilver yet deliberate force. You can hear the band's power and inventiveness creatively eroding structure, and the tension produced from that is exhilarating. If JFJO isn't moving jazz forward, it is shifting its center of gravity interestingly askew."
- Jazz Times

"...it’s here, between Coltrane and Yeasayer, Mingus and Animal Collective, and the very real sense of adventure, that JFJO truly find their stride, and Stay Gold, shines awfully bright."
- Jambands.com

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