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  1. SAE Group

    by SAE Oxford joined

    6 Videos 7 Members

    For all SAE Institutes/Colleges around the world

  2. After Effects User

    by Emrys Roberts joined

    85.1K Videos 16.7K Members

    I am hoping after effects users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is one of the leading…


    by TOKYO VJ joined

    2,765 Videos 669 Members

    Home base for Tokyo VJs, Tokyo Video Art, Booking agency for VJs in Tokyo and abroad, DVD publishing, book publishing, gallery exhibitions, audio-visual performance, how-to blogs, contact network,…

  4. VJ Loop Exchange

    by .:VIDEOTEKA joined

    2,001 Videos 2,509 Members

    Welcome to the VJ Loop Exchange Group. By default all these clips are free to be remixed by you during a live performance. Do not use any of this content in your demo reel, unless it was made…

  5. VJ Mix

    by Prashant Yashpal joined

    2,272 Videos 437 Members

    A collection of video/visual mixes, from around the world....

  6. Division Pixel - VJ Group

    by Division Pixel joined

    1,808 Videos 395 Members

    Partagez vos travaux, vidéos de soirées.... Tout ce qui concerne le VJing et les performances visuelles, le monde du multimédia. Post here your works, videos from gigs ...…

  7. vj tools

    by Videographers joined

    475 Videos 243 Members

    Tools VJ's use to put on a show. Tell us what tools you use and how you use it. If you have a video to demonstrate to nubees how things work would be even better. You have some real cutting…

  8. 8mm/S8/16mm film clips and reels made for VJing..

    by hexxylight joined

    937 Videos 736 Members

    This is a clip share group made for VJ's that want to use 8mm/S8/16mm clips in there VJ performances.. Please make the clips you upload available for others to use and remix. Please try to…

  9. Music Videographers

    by Ryan Mackfall joined

    95.1K Videos 25.1K Members

    OUR WEEKLY #MVPICK IS ONLY ON FACEBOOK, SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS TO BE FEATURED! fb.com/musicvideographers Don't forget twitter too! twitter.com/mvideographers So this is THE place on vimeo for…

  10. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    43.1K Videos 18.6K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  11. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    84K Videos 36.1K Members

    To add your films to the channel, do the following: Go to YOUR video page and under the video frame you´ll see the icon ¨+ ADD TO¨. Click it. You´ll see the options to add your…

  12. Mac Users

    by FFDC :: Jeffrey Holland joined

    26.5K Videos 6,799 Members

    A group for all mac users and those who edit video using a mac.

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