Lahore, Pakistan

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“Tongue tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I”

- David Gilmore, Pink Floyd (Learning to fly)

That’s me in that lyric.
I am a social, political, spiritual and moral hobo and search for a meaning from this mad fracas that we know as life. I’ve been many things. To those who know me I’ve been a rebel, a writer, an actor, a pseudo-creative, a writer-whore (copywriter), a liar, a thief, a believer, a pagan, a dreamer, a cynic, a leader, an autocrat, a confidant. I’ve been me. And I see myself as a student of life; trying to survive in world with nothing but agonizing confusion, undying passion and a perpetual curiosity in my corner.

A misanthrope extraordinaire, a god in another time, a prophet in another world, a visionary & a daydreamer in this one.


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