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VFX-Learning Phase.

Animation 3D, everything i owned to all those people how have share their knowledge in Vimeo, youtube, And othe 3D web page.

This pag is going to be headed to 3D Project, making of, breakdowns and tutorials.

Finish projects and film related at:

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  1. Kei Yoneoka
  2. Kevin van den Oever
  3. Adam Guzowski
  4. Anselm von Seherr-Thoss
  5. jean philippe saintherand
  6. Wes Ball
  7. Carlos Lascano
  8. Mathieu Gérard
  9. Alex Roman
  10. Mike Zugschwert
  11. Meradi Omar
  12. ray kristianto
  13. Sehsucht
  14. Allan McKay
  15. brandon young
  16. Jan Van Den Berg
  17. Igor Zanic
  18. Slipgatecentral

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