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  1. Dave Imas

    Dave Imas PRO Olympia, Wa


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    While traveling around to trial my dogs I have taken to bumbling about with a video camera so I can learn from other handlers and dogs. If these videos can help you as well... all the better.

  2. Darrell Boeck

    Darrell Boeck Plus Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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    Darrell’s award winning career in videography began in 1988. Just a few years later, he started Creative Images, a production company he owns and runs today. He has a diverse family of clients, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, the US Government to international television. In addition,…

  3. Public Record

    Public Record PRO Brooklyn, NY


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    Public Record is a collective of filmmakers, documentarians & commercial storytellers who develop and produce original content for a global audience. Visit us @ http://www.publicrecord.tv Directors: Jeremiah Zagar, Nathan Caswell, Galen Summer, Cassidy Gearhart, Julian King & Daisy Zhou. Executive…

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