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First of all, I am a retired over-the-road truck driver. Throughout my thirty year career, God protected me for over 3 million miles and, at the same time, gave me the desire to serve others in anyway that I could.

After retirement, 14 years ago,  my wife and I sought ways to serve the Lord in our retirement. After selling our home in upstate NY, we bought a Motor Home and joined SOWERS--a RV group that is quite large--traveling from coast to coast and from the Florida Keys all the way to Alaska. We served at various church camps, schools and churches where our duties were to do whatever was needed. The only requirements were to be BORN AGAIN and be available to travel.  Later, we also joined a group called ROAM (RV'S ON A MISSION).  You can click on links to these groups for those who are interested.

For almost six year we enjoyed this life style, wonderful blessings and meeting friends from all over the US and Canada.

Eventually we settled here in NC where we serve in our local church, are involved in a Bus ministry, publish our weekly church web site (including videos) and volunteer in the county prison ministry. Serving God is our primary interest.

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