Jimmy Scott Jr.

Siesta Key, FL

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I am action photographer and videographer, and have been since I can remember, I like to catch action happening...see more at jimmyscottjr.com

I went to the University of Tampa and studied Communication and Film, and produced Flatline Disconnected, (an action sports- wakeskating documentary) (boardflix.com/trailers/flatline.mov) in conjunction with my best friend from childhood, it was great. Then, in order to keep the dollars flowing after graduation, we started a video production company called "Off Kilter Productions" in Sarasota Fl. Shooting and editing TV commercials and web video content was our thing, with a few weddings on the side. I Did that for 3 or 4 years had blast but eventually got tired and bored with it. I decided to move away from said defunct production company and relax from the video world for a while, Oh, and sell "Exotic Goldfish™" and "gooooooooldfish food" with a small yet wildly creative company named Southern Delight Fish Foods, (facebook.com/southerndelight) however this venture did require me to photo and video goldfish, which I didn't mind as long as they didn't play dead.

Moving on to the present, I still shoot goldfish, with cameras, just not as many, less frequent, and for far less money (free). I still make TV commercials and web videos. I direct, shoot and edit a local cooking show (Chef Rolf's New Florida Kitchen) saltwatercafe.com/kitchen and I now work for an Advertising Agency called Odato Marketing Group.(odatomarketing.com) which is the most exciting and rewarding Ad Agency in world, but what do I know, I've really only worked at one. This job has returned my love for the video production, but not really the content of action, however it has inspired me to purchase a DSLR video camera and plenty of other toys to shoot the action content I truly enjoy.

Meanwhile, I live on the beach and spend every second there unless its too hot, in which case, I go indoors. :)

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