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Camerman/Director of Photography/Editor



  1. Cooke Optics
  2. Liam Lonsdale
  3. Deep Roots Media - Dane Henry
  4. Ren  Forrest
  5. Daniele Baron
  6. Pretzel Films
  7. Superplex Pictures
  8. Hobby Holmes
  9. Louis Brennan
  10. Ben Grubb
  11. Sheffield Doc/Fest
  12. mark henderson
  13. Guy Gotto
  14. Vast Motion Pictures
  15. Ed Ratcliffe [Slender Films]
  16. New Fruit Productions
  17. Kieran Hall
  18. Kevin Lander

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  1. Jim, I haven't looked at my own film in ages. Yours is much more professional and well done than mine. What a gift you have! Much love, Kim