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Professional artist, actor, educator, speaker, writer, producer, workshop facilitator, disciplinator and entrepreneur, creating innovative, optimal learning environments and optimal learning experiences for all ages in the community, with unique experience and skills working with the young.

Presently, creating personal, family, neighborhood and community-character building programs and collaborations in the areas of neighborhood development, art & design, the performing arts, education, film and edutainment. Creating a multimedia office in Lafayette, LA - called The Storyteller's Tinkering Shack - for exploration, storygathering and storytelling programs, puppetry, professional growth and neighborhood development programs, video and art production, bamboo art installations and informational services. Also, developing strategies and programs for film, television, radio and Internet for the Community Development, Arts, Education, Entertainment and Music industries.

Goals: Impact and expand the scope of literacy and the local creative climate, as well as create character and community building activities, while staying focused on the development of sustainable life skills.

Specialties: Bringing creativity and "out of the box" strategies & problem solving skills to personal lives and community networks, fostering and stimulating positive personal and community development through innovative, hands-on artistic and educational programs. Researching, developing and consulting in the area of community development, educational strategies, art and technology, as well as, community building and character development through storytelling, story-gathering and performance.


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