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Jingle Punks is where today’s most successful, high-profile networks and brands turn to for original and affordable licensing content. 

Jingle Punks’ acclaimed proprietary music search software is available on both desktop and mobile platforms, granting producers, editors, and music supervisors the power to search, listen to, and select music tracks from the Company’s unique library of over 20,000 premium production and high quality original indie music tracks from any location. The result is music supervision technology that’s available when and where clients need it.

We have almost 30,000 tracks of indie rock, hip hop, punk, funk, orchestral and various types of production music which is searchable in our proprietary search engine, "The Jingle Player," specialized technology which has several patents pending.

We created a system that allows music supervisors, editors and producers to find music using musical and non-musical terms.  You are just as likely to find a track you need by typing in the word Green Day, Coldplay or Snoop as you are by typing cultural references such as "Oceans 11" , "Juno" or "Wes Anderson."  One click and one fee gives producers access to the most cost effective way of scoring original content.  

In addition to the library, we have also custom composed numerous music packages (theme songs, featured promos and more) for shows including "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Bravo, "Pawn Stars" on History and "Engaged & Underage" on MTV.  By crowd-sourcing composer services, Jingle Punks acts as a bridge between many of todays hottest composers and productions looking for a cost effective solution to their music needs. 

Our unique blend of services and content have garnered us some great press in various industry trades and business publications including Variety and Business Week. 

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