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"Jinglish" is a self-created production Brand made by Jing Wang. Jing is a native-born Chinese integrated media artist, who pressures her education and develops her artistic career in New York City. Jing, is one of the most ordinary Chinese girls' name, means quiet and calm. However, Jing has speaking out in her art works with an exotic language, English, and an exotic POV, American ideology. Her works urges us to renegotiate mixed media art as a platform comments on themes of oppression in our contemporary society.

Jing identifies herself as “an insider who holds an outsider’s view” within both Chinese and American society. On the one hand, she grew up in China, rooted in Chinese culture with a insider’s POV on Chinese culture, history and society. On the other hand, she is also an American trained independent filmmaker, who has ability to view Chinese society with the point view from American ideology. In addition, Her cultural background guides her to observe American society with a Chinese POV. And Her eight years of life experience as an independence media maker in New York City gives her a privilege to understand the controversial American society as an insider too.

She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. She is currently working as a freelance filmmaker and is pursuing her MFA in Hunter College’s Integrated Media Art program.


  1. Brooklyn Digital Foundry
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