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At once music composer (Un Drame Musical Instantané which with he records about 30 albums, as well as for movies, theater, dance, radio), film director (La Nuit du Phoque, Sarajevo a Street Under Siege, The Sniper), multimedia author (Carton, Machiavel, Alphabet), sound designer (exhibitions, CD-Roms, websites, Nabaztag rabbit, etc.), founder of record label GRRR, Jean-Jacques Birgé conceives a passion for images and sounds, and particularly for their potential to produce sense and create emotions.
His researches deal with generativity and interactivity which offer the player to discover each time a new interpretation. His soundscapes for exhibitions-shows (Grande Halle de La Villette, Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, Osaka and Omuta in Japan...) also present spaces in perpetual movement. Moviemaker by training, inveterate improviser, composer through the force of circumstances, apostle of collective work, specialist of synthesis music instruments, initiator of the return of live music on silent movies, Birgé considers sound as a counterpoint to pictures and dialogue, an extraordinary off-stage landscape and a wide opened window to imagination.
Besides his daily blog, Birgé writes in many magazines and teaches the relation between sound and pictures.

Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction Digital Musics, Grand Prix Möbius International, twice Prix SACD Interactive Creation, Prix SCAM Best Internet Site, Prix Centre Pompidou Flash Festival, Prix de la Creation New Medias in Videoformes, Seoul Net Festival Special Jury Award, Prix Ars Electronica Net Vision / Net Excellence Honorary Mention, British Academy Award of Film & TV Arts, Locarno Jury Award, Victoires de la Musique Nomination, etc.

Website (English version):
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Actual live shows: trio with Nicolas Clauss and Sacha Gattino and Nabaz'mob with Antoine Schmitt

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