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Reno, Nevada 89521

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Yale University alumnus J. Kale Flagg is a Reno, Nevada, businessman and General Partner in the real estate development and investment firm American Redevelopment Fund. As well, J. Kale Flagg is the COO of both Array Asset Management and Stable Development. In addition to his real estate ventures, J. Kale Flagg is the General Manager of the consulting firm and private label health products supplier Regenesis International.
J. Kale Flagg began his professional career shortly after graduating from Yale University in 1989. True to his degree in Economics and Political Sciences, Flagg first worked as a financial consultant on Wall Street. After a decade in the field, J. Kale Flagg wanted a change. He found it in the form of an unexpected sales and marketing opportunity; an opportunity that embraced his latent talent for captivating people’s attention and selling products and ideas.
Though J. Kale Flagg enjoyed his hectic but rewarding career in sales, he wanted to settle into a more traditional life and moved his growing family to Reno. Here, he found real estate investments as an alternative to product sales which would allow this family man more time to enjoy his wife and four children.

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