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About age 12 i learned to shoot using my father's Minolta A5 rangefinder and Kodakchrome 64 transparency film, his favorite, and no light meter! The results, however, looked fabulous: balanced, well composed, rich and detailed, even under scrutiny close to the projection screen. The years since have found me reading and dabbling on and off, using a variety of film and digital cameras. In August 2002 at Burning Man for my first time, heeding calls to participate, i began shooting with purpose: to create something worth offering back to my subjects, something they might find interesting and beautiful.

In May 2004 for a collaborative show, my first art show ever of any kind, my works appeared at the Rochester Museum & Science Center and the Memorial Art Gallery. It has now hung in Lavery Library, St. John Fisher College; Link Gallery, Rochester Public Library; and Sunken Room Gallery, Genesee Center for the Arts & Education; and McLellan Gallery, SUNY Geneseo.

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