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  1. 01:36:53

    Big Bang Data / An International Touring Exhibition on the Impact of Data as a material in the World

    by José Luis de Vicente

    22 Videos

    Is data the new oil, a potentially boundless source of wealth? Is it the ammunition for arms of mass surveillance? Or should it be primarily an opportunity, an instrument for knowledge, prevention,…

  2. 02:50:12

    VISUALIZAR | Data Visualization in Art, Science and Society Research Program | Medialab Prado Madrid

    by José Luis de Vicente

    4 Videos Data Visualization is a transversal discipline which harnesses the immense power of visual communication in order to explain, in an understandable manner, the relationships of…

  3. 00:00

    Atlas of Electromagnetic Space | A project by José Luis de Vicente and Irma Vilà in collaboration with Bestiario.

    by José Luis de Vicente

    0 Videos

    Commisioned by AV Festival 08 and NOW - CCCB Barcelona The Atlas of Electromagnetic Space is an interactive visualization of the Radio Spectrum, and a database of artistic…

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