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Raised in Michigan, Jessica Ransom is the driving force behind JLR Media, Inc. having founded it at the age of 27. During her many years of intense work in the world of production, Jessica recognized a need within herself to let her voice be heard and to expose her work to the masses. Since 2004, Jessica has been taking giant leaps in her career to evolve herself and to become one of the leading experts in all areas of production (interactive, advertising, television, film, etc). Working for such entertainment powerhouses as BET, MTV, A&E, JWT, Jessica managed to tackle her competition and stay ahead of the curve. With JLR Media, Inc., Jessica's dream is now being established in New York. She leads JLR Media, Inc. based on the simple philosophy that "excellence is the goal, creativity is the essence, and we have all your production needs at your fingertips."

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