Jonathan Mafi

Auckland, New Zealand

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Hi I'm Jono Mafi and I'm a passionate 3d and vfx generalist.

I am also a director at a new freelance facilitation company and creative studio i co-founded, Podlance Ltd.

My previous work experience has involved digital media freelancing, studio work, project management and technical and art directorship. I have also been involved in education, providing digital media tuition in VFX and 3D fields, curriculum and course writing as well as heading an animation school in New Zealand.

I have a strong technical understanding of CGI and can code and create pipeline. I also am well balanced in bringing an artistic eye to projects with a strong affinity towards light and colour interaction.

I am adept at managing production teams and task management and am very comfortable with public speaking.

In my spare time i love to read, write and create animated stories. I also enjoy a good game of soccer (playing not watching :D) eating fruit and keeping healthy and love the tropical weather.

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