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I am alone at the present time, but the "Other Half of My Heart" is waiting for me in the portals of Heaven. I am a retired nurse; optician among other things I have pursued during my lifetime. I am an avid photographer, writer (poetry), create videos and spend much time in the Holy Word of my Father. I hope to continue to create videos that I would not be ashamed to invite Jesus Christ into my home to watch. Christmas is my favorite time of the year but Resurrection Day is the most important. I have two (2) children and two (2) grandchildren and have been most fortunate to have some wonderful and true friends in my life. Each one has a very special talent from the Lord that I partake of quite often, more from some than others. I am not wealthy by world standards, yet my life has been so blessed with the things that really count. I have been blessed with the ability to make four trips to Israel along with trips to Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Part of the Greek Islands and much of this beautiful country of the USA. God has been good to me and continues to bless me each day.


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