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Jose Martinez was introduced to composition and form at a very early age. Born and raised in the
Dominican Republic, he spent his childhood accompanying his father, a noted architect and Director of
Urban Planning, to construction sites. It was there that he first felt the desire to capture the impressive
structures he saw, although he would not get his chance until much later.

In Autumn of 2000, Jose moved to New York with his mother and brother. Shortly after that, he was
given his first camera as a gift: a simple Sony Cybershot. He put it on the shelf and forgot about it until a
couple years later, when he used it to photograph the city of St. Louis. He bought his first DSLR a month
later, a Canon EOS 40D, and he has been freelancing ever since.

Jose has been published extensively in such periodicals as Urban Velo, Vapors Magazine, Tuner
Performance Reports, London’s Fixed Magazine, and Japan’s Ollie. Flavorpill, an online lifestyle
magazine, recently partnered with BMW and together selected Jose to capture New York’s unique
landscape. Since then, Jose has collaborated with Nike, shooting pictures for their sportswear store in
SoHo. Recently, he was awarded Bike Short’s second place prize for his sequence‐shot video.
Formula Drift Staff photographer 2008 & 2009 season.
In the future, Jose aims to expand his knowledge of the art by continuing to experiment with night
photography, portraits, sports and landscapes. Jose currently lives and shoots in New York City.

Contact: j2martinez [at]

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