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We are an International Wedding Photography studio serving the Calgary Area and to destinations world wide. We specialize in recording connections through our lens, capturing real moments that touch the people that are connected to them. Using our creative eye to photograph the timeless memories of your unique families history, generating imagery that will be cherished for generations. Entering our tenth year of business our style and techniques have been crafted from the artists that have taught and inspired us through out our journey.

Jeremy Martel
Jeremy has loved beautiful images for along as he can remember, choosing books as a boy not for the story inside but for the image on the cover. He began taking photos at the age of 17 years and has been captivated by mastering this art form ever since. Seeking to always improve his craft he has sought out some of the best in the industry, learning from top photographers in Canada, the USA and Australia. While he enjoys all areas of photography the core of his passion is in wedding photography. He feels honored to be a part of such sacred events in the histories of a family. When Jeremy is not behind the camera, he can be found working out, learning about nutrition and teaching. He loves to snowboard in the winter and roller blade in the summers, or just relax with his beautiful wife and family.

Jennifer Martel
Jennifer discovered a passion for photography by taking copious amounts of photos of her cats, “Sadie & Bandit” and anything she ate. In her professional career, she turned her focus to the more intimate settings of Newborns and Portraiture. She loves to connect one on one with her amazing clients. Her gentle way allows each person to feel at ease with the camera, while she creates beautiful art pieces that they cherish forever. When Jennifer is not behind the camera, she can be found in the kitchen creatively cooking for her family. Although, she has not quite mastered the art of having every dish ready at the same time. Sometimes dessert is served first with a side salad, but her timing is getting better. Jennifer also enjoys long walks, listening to music and not writing bios like this.... :)

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