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The Journalism and Media Studies Centre has brought professional journalism education to Hong Kong's premier university, creating an environment for vibrant interaction among students from Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of the world. Students at the JMSC hone their skills in the world's most dynamic region with an outstanding teaching staff of professional journalists. The curriculum, with instruction predominantly in English, is designed to produce graduates for all types of local, regional and international media, whether the graduates ultimately practice in English, Chinese, or some other language.

The JMSC offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, seminars, workshops and courses for neophytes and news professionals at all levels of expertise. The centre takes advantage of its position at the crossroads of Asia and its proximity to mainland China to design programs and research exploring the exciting changes underway in journalism throughout the region. Personal career guidance and planning are offered to every student, including the centre's superb internship program, and the centre has an up-to-date digital news laboratory and television and radio production facilities.

The JMSC is a teaching and research unit under the Hong Kong University Senate. It works in partnership with other HKU departments and faculties as well as with the news industry in Hong Kong and beyond. Students have access to the excellent research facilities, faculties and libraries of the university.

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