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His initials as moniker, the brainchild of JMV (sometimes written )
— also known as Jean Marc Virard — fuses traditional hip-hop with postpunk, new wave,
French disco and carries a Detroit techno sensibility.
Since the late 1980s in the south of France, JMV immersed himself in music, despite the lack of fuel
behind hip-hop in Europe. He cultivated a wealth of knowledge and influence from his father, who
was a 1970s jazz record collector, and his siblings, who spun rare new wave and disco records at
block parties. He began sampling those obscure sounds with help from a few people he knew
shared his passion, working from machines like the S950, SP1200 or other MPC’s.
Eventually he signed to Polygram and the legendary parisian radio station “Génération” record label
called Back-Up in 1997, then to Delabel/Virgin in 2000, he recorded and produced few albums, but
the pressure of working within the confines of major studios was taxing.
And so he created and launched Le Branché, a label that would get down to the brass tacks of
electronic and post punk music and visual culture à la Factory or Trax Records.
“We pay tribute to the true soul of image and sound, not the trend or surface style of it, but for the
real love for it,” he declares. Through this label, he and a close-knit collective of creatives, designers
artists and musicians explore all aspects of digital arts — its sounds, culture, fashion and design.
It’s fitting then, that his biggest musical project to date would carry the name DE/SIGNER releasing
couple albums and their Suicide Girl E.P with Jamie Jones on Hot Creations, with its reverence to
architecture and graphics, JMV and his crew take digital arts to a new level, conscious of audio and
visual design as important complements to each other.
Based in Los Angeles California since 2003, Virard has since produced, performed, deejayed and collaborated
musically with Dior Homme, Yves Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons Guerrilla Stores, Julius, Stussy, Brandblack or Volkswagen to name a few and most recently Lady Gaga “FAME” eau parfum campaign.
Jean Marc Virard has been respected and active in the international fashion industry as a creative director and music composer/producer, working with avant grade brands such as Nico Uytterhaegen, Thamanyah and his own eyewear brand Rigards.
The future’s looking bright for JMV and his cohorts, but they’ll never forget the music that cultivated
what they are now. JMV muses: “DESIGNERSULETHEWORLD”.

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