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Joan Masoliver was born in 1986 in Sabadell, Barcelona. In 2003 he started studying “Digital design and electronic art” at the college of design ESDi. While studying there he was working in websites as a designer and developer. In 2006 he went to study at the MOME, in Budapest were his life changed. He gets in touch with motion designers and skilful animators artists. Soon, he noticed that motion design was more attractive to him in the way to communicate visual feelings to audiences.
After Budapest he went to study at the London College of communication a degree about Digital Media Production. His graduation project (2010) was a video presentation using 3D sound, and it allowed him to be nominated by the Europrix jury Europe’s best young designer and multimedia producer.
In his projects he always try to achieve challenges, turning each job a learning-class. Using a specific kind of humour and diversion as a background of the projects, he tries to find his own style. But sometimes he likes to let himself slip in order to find other methods and ways to develop different ideas. Doing that, allows him to focus on specific situations but also to be opened for new challenges making his style move.

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