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Manchester, England

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UK Based (NW) Film maker.

I class myself as one of the "New Breed" programme makers who took a hands on approach to production from the moment I first picked up a camera. I embraced self shooting from the start of my career and continue to stay abreast of current production techniques, this includes the use of Super 35mm cinema (E.G Canon C300) and DSLR video. This hands on approach continues in post production too, I am totally at home in the edit suite too. Never turning my back on the past, I have a passion too for yestertech, I just can't let my Super8 go.

My full time job is as a broadcast documentary maker, (CV available on request) but as a passionate film maker I'm always on the look out for an interesting project.

Please check out some of my work posted here. Below is some info of who I've worked for and some of the equipment I have available.

Documentary Producer / Director.
Credits include productions for - BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Ch4, Five, MTV.

Highly Experienced Observational Documentary PD. Numerous credits for 1hour documentaries, Current Affairs, Factual, Entertainment, Formats. Talented Self Shooter and experienced Multi Camera Location Director.

Self Shooting PD - Canon C300, Sony PMW300 to F5, EX3 to Canon XF305 and Panasonics / Digital SLR to Super 8.

Premiere, FCP and Avid Editor

Canon C300 Owner / Operator
Canon 7D Owner / Operator
Steadicam Owner / Operator

Full selection of Quality Primes and Zooms (Zeiss, Nikkor, Canon, Zuiko etc )

Super 8 professional Camera Equipment (Beaulieu / Nizo / Canon)

Location Sound Kit (Radios and Boom Mics - Sennheiser)
Vinten Dolly (Portaped and Tri-Track)
Miller DS25 Tripod
Table Dollys
Zoom Audio Recorder

Able to Source any other equipment you require

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Productionbase Page -

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