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JoDa Hodge was born on Vermont's Bean Hollow Commune in the shadow of the abandoned Concord Air Force Base to a teacher and a carpenter. This off-the-grid community inspired Departed Harvest.

JoDa quit his job as a cameraman and producer for WCAX-TV News in Burlington, Vermont, bought a Harley from a funeral home director and headed to San Francisco to track down the Beatnik ghosts.

After riding solo cross-country on his Harley, JoDa published Freedom Road, a travel memoir about the broken American Dream. JoDa built a solar cabin on an old Vermont Christmas tree farm and formed a multi-media production company dedicated to the creation of bellwether, character-driven features and television shows that preserve the writer’s original vision. In 2005 the company produced a feature film, The Spread Eagles, marking JoDa’s directorial debut.

In 2008, JoDa's Brother died, his fiancée dumped him and another girlfriend was murdered. To save his sanity over the next six years, JoDa wrote 13 one-hour episodes of the dark comedy Departed Harvest, winning the 2011 American International and the 2011 Rhode
Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competitions

After a successful Kickstarter, JoDa shot the Departed Harvest proof of concept film in Vermont at Luis Guzman's house.

JoDa has also served as producer for Kingdom County Productions and as a celebrity cinematographer and is the author of 11 published books.

JoDa partnered with the gang from Down East Dickering, as seen on the History Channel, to create a new film and television series about backwoods Robin Hoods (TheHarvesters.TV), in addition to Vermonter.TV and I Dated A Porn Star.

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