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  1. Hacked Panasonic GH2 Footage

    by René Henrich joined

    221 Videos 103 Members

    This group is dedicated to hacked GH2 footage, tests and films.

  2. Awesome GH1-GH2 Videos

    by Tony Carretti joined

    158 Videos 219 Members

    This is a compilation of the videos that impressed me most using either the Panasonic GH1 or GH2 cameras. Thanks to all for showing me what these cameras are capable of! I'll be adding…

  3. GH2 PRO!

    by Russelli & Hall Filmworks joined

    93 Videos 281 Members

    Looking for awesome GH2/GH1 projects and tired of searching through pages and pages of tests, tinker moments, and cute home videos mistagged as short films? ME TOO! This group is intended to…

  4. Cinema Out of Your Backpack

    by Cinema Out of Your Backpack joined

    36 Videos 585 Members

    www.cinemaoutofyourbackpack.com The Cinema Out of Your Backpack Festival is dedicated to a new generation of filmmakers. Their home: the internet. Their set: the world. Their tools: DSLR video…

  5. DSLR Weddings

    by Mind Maze Productions joined

    8,011 Videos 1,412 Members

    Wedding videos shot on DSLRs and other cinema type cameras. Trailers, full edits, love stories, etc DSLR video tips, techniques, equipment related to wedding videos.

  6. GH1 GH2 GH3 GH4 - Panasonic Lumix

    by Picture America joined

    928 Videos 283 Members

    JOHN LONGENECKER, DGA Academy Award Winner JLPhotos15@gmail.com GH1 GH2 GH3 GH4 Panasonic Lumix Your video clips are invited and welcome here

  7. DSLR BTS Behind the scenes

    by michael sato joined

    911 Videos 775 Members

    A Group dedicated to behind the scenes with dslr camera work. Feel free to add videos! Dslruniversity.com cheesycam.com

  8. Panasonic Lumix G System

    by Emmanuel Pampuri joined

    3,061 Videos 706 Members

    All video from Panasonic G system AF100 / AF101 / GH1 / GH2 / GH3 / GFx GXx & next ...

  9. compositing, animation, VFX Group

    by alex kuznetsov joined

    13.9K Videos 3,666 Members

  10. GH2 Tests

    by larrys joined

    1,211 Videos 412 Members

    Learning on the Gh2. Please post your GH2 video tests. Let's share the information!

  11. Old lenses database for video

    by Benjamin Chagneux joined

    32 Videos 809 Members

    This group was created to make video tests database from all old lenses. A lense is considered to be "old" when it was made before 90s and all manual :) Everybody can submit his video…

  12. HD Macro

    by Piotr Bargiel joined

    1,926 Videos 1,506 Members

    Watch, upload and discuss HD macro videos, nature or not

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