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In 2003, Joe Balog began to entertain the thought of a true goby swimbait. He needed a heavy, bottom hugging lure that closely mimicked the exotic. Balog presented the idea to many lure manufacturers, including some of the largest in the fishing industry, with limited success. No one could build Joe what he wanted. Some got close, others just presented crude hunks of plastic. In 2009, Balog solicited the help of one the leading manufacturers of swimbaits in California. The designer had created the most realistic swimbaits to ever hit the market, and continues to do so with the Goby Replica™. The bait is heavy and hugs the bottom, just like the real thing. It lays at rest upright, balanced perfectly on its pectoral fins. Those same fins lightly kick when the bait is moved, just like a real goby. Each lure is hand-poured and painted to exact specifications. The Goby Replica™ is truly the next frontier of Great Lakes fishing. Field tests in 2010 and 2011 have led to incredible catches. The Goby Replica™ has finally arrived!

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