Joe Harper

Midlands, UK

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I've been working in the Media Industry since 2005, mostly for animation studios. I've worked on 3 television series that have been broadcast worldwide, plus a variety of other short form projects for the web, dvd release, short film, and multimedia documentaries.

My skills fall into 3 broad categories; Sound Design, Video Editing, and Writing/Script Editing.

I started my career as a Sound Designer. I'm experienced in recording, editing, and designing sounds for picture. I can record location sound, voiceover dialogue/ADR, create & edit sound effects, produce final mixes and master soundtracks for delivery to clients.

I've also worked as a video editor on 3 animated television series, right up to delivery to broadcasters I'm also experienced in encoding video to a variety of formats; for post-editing, broadcasters, web-streaming etc, as well as DVD authoring.

As a scriptwriter & editor I've written 28 scripts for 3 television series that have been aired around the world, as well as contributing significantly to the concept and development of those shows. I've also been a script editor on 1 of the tv series I've worked on.

Besides all of that, I also make a great cup of tea.


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