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I am a Wizard, a “Nagual”, by birth. I use my powers to transform the world through film and tv. Currently living in Los Angeles and Mexico City and appearing in different corners of the world. My goal is to illuminate our understanding and place on our planet, forging life long collaborations with everyone I meet.

I am currently in pre production on our 2nd feature film ”IDENTITES”. My feature film debut “GENERATION LAST”, a Sci-Fi Global Warming Thriller inspired by ancient legends from my birth town of Acapulco, Mexico is in theatrical distribution. I love directing specific tv genre pilots, especially dramedy, comedy, and dramas for US and Mexican television. I also have a great time directing music videos and commercials for L.A. and Mexican production companies.

I am among the new filmmakers. Labeled an "Auteur-to-watch" by the Los Angeles Magazine after graduating from the prestigious UCLA School of Film & TV where I earned an MFA in Directing. My dark comedy thesis, PELEA DE GALLOS, (The Cock Fight) premiered on Showtime Networks, won Best Short Film at several International Film Festivals, was awarded my 2nd Director’s Guild of America Student Award and shape shifted my life.

Like Foucault and Proust, I am prolific. My poetic film SinAzul, aired on PBS and was awarded my first DGA Award and the coveted UCLA Spotlight Award. An ethnographic film I had to make, EATING INSECTS, aired on Showtime Networks.


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