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I am a lover. A fighter when I have to be (I almost drowned recently, but am alive to talk about it). A pushover when I shouldn't be. A romantic even though it kills me. I am an ardent enthusiast of words, conversation, of space and of the mind of God that created our existence. I am an admirer of artists, filmmakers, writers, and designers. I am a musician with songs to be written, chords to be played and melodies to be heard. I am compassionate about the world and the global injustices therein, believing I, along with the other "i"'s in the world, can, will, and do change the world.

I am a modern-day subversive, seeking to turning the ideologies of politics, government, business, religion, consumption and even personal habit upside down, starting with the compassion, love and intimacy found in Jesus.

I live in the way of revolt towards love. A revolt towards love is one that comes about in pursuit of Father, Son, Spirit, neighbor, community, compassion, and creativity; that the kingdom of God is nearer than many of us make it out to be.


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