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Los Angeles, CA

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JOE SOFRANKO grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moved out to Los Angeles to attend the BFA Acting program at the University of Southern California, where he graduated in 2009. He recently wrote, directed, and acted in a new series on Hulu called "Complete Works," a comedy set in the world of a collegiate Shakespeare Competition. Joe was recognized at the Kennedy Center as a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, and he won the National Shakespeare Competition at Lincoln Center out of over 16,000 competitors across the country. Joe is also an actor/combatant in the Society of American Fight Directors and has choreographed the fights for over 30 productions in Los Angeles. Additionally, he sang and beatboxed with the ICCA-winning SoCal VoCals (the real life competition from "Pitch Perfect") and continued on to perform on NBC's "The Sing Off" with The SoCals. Post-college, he has studied acting with renowned teacher Larry Moss and improv with The Groundlings.

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