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  1. 09:51:52

    Bicycle Commuter Traffic Jamming by JoeyBike

    by Joey Bike

    93 Videos

    For years I commuted by bicycle around my home city of New Orleans, USA and ran a helmet/handlebar camera to record my rides for fun and security purposes. I have a fairly aggressive riding style…

  2. 03:08:57

    Bicycle Day Rides in and around New Orleans by JoeyBike

    by Joey Bike

    31 Videos

    This is a collection of miscellaneous bicycle rides and adventures that don't fit into any of my other album categories.

  3. 02:34:49

    Longboard New Orleans

    by Joey Bike

    28 Videos

    All of my longboard videos are here.

  4. 43:47

    NOLA Geek Hunt Videos by JoeyBike - (Terrorize the Tri Athletes series)

    by Joey Bike

    7 Videos

    Vile creatures known as Tri-Athletes roam the fitness paths and deserted roads in the New Orleans area, especially on beautiful weekend mornings during Triathlon season. I enjoy smoking them and making…

  5. 36:04

    Inline Skates

    by Joey Bike

    7 Videos

    My inline skate adventures.

  6. 48:49

    140 Mile Day Ride Around Lake Pontchartrain

    by Joey Bike

    4 Videos

    Twice a year I test my fitness level by riding around Lake Pontchartrain just north of New Orleans. I pick the most beautiful Spring and Fall days with mild winds to accomplish this ride. It's…

  7. 39:35

    "Whirlwind Tours" Bicycle Touring and Skating Photo Journals

    by Joey Bike

    4 Videos

    I have thousands of still photos snapped by me (and sometimes OF me) during my many cross-country bicycle tours and skating vacations. They sit buried in my photo archives where they really don't…

  8. 20:58

    Misc...everything else...

    by Joey Bike

    3 Videos

    All of the things that don't fit into the main categories.

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