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Creative - Director - Editor - Promo Producer - Still and Motion Camera .

I was raised by a wild dwarf tribe in Mongolia, the Khatagin Clan. Me being tall wasn't really the greatest asset here, but once in a while it was good like when clan needed apples picked etc. By the age of 15 they tricked me and I was sold to a gypsy circus. I soon took up ax throwing as a act but one day I did "hit" the target, the leader of the gypsys group, it was a mistake , I swear. But nobody believed me as everybody know I had a affair with his daughter. So that night i sneaked over the boarder into what is now Uzbekistan, I was soon picked up by the rag tag rebels fighting the regime. After we took power I served as vice dictator but to be honest, if you don't have a great mustache or like to empty kalashnikovs up into the air, its pretty dull life being a vice dictator. Bored as I was , I found a great stress relieve in baking and started to make cookies. It grow into a fortune 500 company and Im still selling cookies but just to a selected few. Instead I like to film things now but I also edit and do a whole lot more.


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