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John used to make money by editing corporate videos, delivering pizzas, loading semi trucks with frozen food, selling mass-produced paintings of ducks and wolves door-to-door, mowing lawns, and by bagging groceries. Now he makes money directing music videos and viral videos. He recently said, “directing isn’t as satisfying as pizza delivery, but it’s a living.” John went to film school twice… in fact; he’s still going to film school at USC. He hasn’t gone to class in over a year, but he swears he’s only a few units short of an MFA. John’s short film SONGBIRD screened at The Sundance Film Festival and on The Sundance Channel. After that, his short BREATHE was nominated for a Student Academy Award. His most recent short BLACK WHITE BLACK WHITE was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival.

John likes bacon, gravy, and writing in the third person.

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