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Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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You hear, but do you listen?


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  1. really loved it, congrats to you both. i see a love of Barbapapa in there :D peace
  2. Yeah, Don has hit the nail on the head. Great work you guys, Arthur deserves everything coming his way. I definitely have to give him a shout-out, as Curt did, that he's stuck it out in the Toronto scene which has really changed a lot since the…
  3. touchdesigner looks like a rabbit-hole program. getting deeper and deeper. wow. thanks for sharing cpu's stuff. peace
  4. continue on this path...i'm really enjoying all of these videos!! peace from Canada
  5. i won't try to rick-roll you, but i feel a connection here. great work. peace
  6. it all fits in a backpack right?!? :D awesome. peace