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John MacDonald is a multi talented, enthusiastic and resourceful, London based freelancer; capable of adapting to the constantly shifting media landscape, with specialist skills extending to Camera Operating, Editing and Cinematography. However, it is in his role as Director of Photography that his passion for film shines through, having contributed to the continually growing success of two award winning short films.

In the past few years, John has worked on numerous projects ranging from well received music and internal corporate videos, to adverts intended for worldwide audiences. His experience has even allowed him to work directly with a variety of musical artists, including Wretch 32 and Platinum performers Owl City, as well as instantly recognisable brands such as Dulux; World Duty Free; and even the ‘Worlds Most Admired’ company: Apple Inc.

If you would like to contact John with any enquiries, please feel free to use the methods below:

M: +447541071551


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