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  1. 06:39


    by Johnny Friday

    4 Videos

  2. 04:57:55

    Full Length Docs

    by Johnny Friday

    5 Videos

    Full length documentaries produced in house by Johnny Friday and Baja Productions and their associates.

  3. 01:50:08


    by Johnny Friday

    10 Videos

    Video screeners of images requested for potential broadcast.

  4. 21:34


    by Johnny Friday

    6 Videos

    Short Web Videos & Clips

  5. 01:00


    by Johnny Friday

    1 Video

  6. 12:08


    by Johnny Friday

    12 Videos

  7. 13:27

    EPIC Tests

    by Johnny Friday

    5 Videos

    RED EPIC Testing

  8. 03:09:48


    by Johnny Friday

    23 Videos

    Documentaries, commercials and content for distribution on television, web and direct tv shot by cameraman Johnny Friday.

  9. 03:49

    Underwater Reports

    by Johnny Friday

    1 Video

    Reports on underwater conditions

  10. 06:27:18


    by Johnny Friday

    46 Videos

    Underwater Cinematography

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