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  1. VistaLUT

    by John Hope joined

    24 Videos / 17 Members

    Cinematic LUT, super bright and vibrant cinema. by www.cineplus.ch/vistalut.html

  2. KinoLUT

    by John Hope joined

    59 Videos / 39 Members

    Cinematic LUT, Teal , Orange, and last but not least: Gorgeous Skin Tones by www.cineplus.ch/kinolut.html

  3. CCP: Cineplus Cinema Plugin for Adobe

    by John Hope joined

    70 Videos / 98 Members

    The new CCP is the Digital to Film look converter. more at: www.cineplus.ch/index.html

  4. Ive Lotus Film Picture Style

    by Ive Lotus joined

    52 Videos / 114 Members

    The official "Film Picture Style" Group. More infos here: www.filmpicturestyle.com

  5. CineBooster Picture Style

    by John Hope joined

    33 Videos / 15 Members

    Group reserved for films shot with the CineBooster Canon Picture Style by www.cineplus.ch

  6. Lightform Picture Style

    by John Hope joined

    145 Videos / 291 Members

    More infos: www.cineplus.ch FEATURES: RELIGHT: Enhanced Dynamic Range RESKIN: Lightform cleans the skin tones before compression, to deliver the best, most gorgeous skin tones out of the box.…

  7. CINEMA "Picture Style"

    by J.S. Lawrence joined

    645 Videos / 699 Members

    This group is dedicated and reserved for all videos shot on Canon DSLR camera's using John Hope's much anticipated "CINEMA Picture Style".

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