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Am a military veteran that lives in Kapolei, Hawaii. Very interested in Information Technology, Music Production and Audio Engineering. Have established some music publishing contracts with DSM Publishers, Inc., a member of ASCAP (Association of Songwriters, Composers, Authors and Publishers).

I enjoy reading, writing, and watching science fiction moves (always intrigued and fascinated by the on-going scientific breakthroughs in technology and what may develop in the future), body surfing, swimming, and yup--gazing at the mysterious stars in the sky.

Currently, I play in a band comprised of military veterans. We play different types of genres of music, such as, rock, soft rock, blues, reggae, pop, progressive, and am very excited about our originals.

Personally, I try to compose music that has a more romantic flavor. Love by far is more important than anything else. Without it, there wouldn't be anything else. My dream is to have my instrumentals placed in television and motion pictures. . . and video games. . . etc.

I'm part-Hawaiian, college graduate, and want to pursue my dreams no matter how difficult they may be.

John "Keoni" Morris

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