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Born and raised in the state of Maine, I've traveled a fair amount in the US and Europe, having lived and worked in both Koln, Germany and Budapest, Hungary. I currently live in Lewiston Maine with my wife Kati, son Kelen and mini-schnauzer, Spaulding. I'm a director in a community mental health agency, and doctoral student at Franklin Pierce University - with research interests in understanding why people undertake life altering activities such as higher education in particular, why people choose to pursue the Doctor of Arts degree.

My interest in Vimeo is experimenting with HD video in preparation for a component of my dissertation. All work I show here was filmed with a Canon HV30 and edited on either an iMac or MacBook using iMovie or Final Cut Express, I use a Dynex tripod and Rode shotgun mic as well.

Please take a look at my website by clicking on the URL above. You can also Skype me at: johnlpainter

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  1. Not quite "Dream Rangers" but theres some soul in this video. Still love my '91 XR 250L after all these years, the bike won't quit, wish Honda still made them. Maybe a future video of old XR's and new? Now that's a ride I'd go on!