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I make paintings and video as well as employing other media such as photography, laser cutting, text, and audio in the development and production of art. My practice intersects both painting and video such that the creative process involves a co-opting of methodologies and transcriptions of imagery from each disciple. Collage and appropriation have become important elements in the making of the work and these are sublimated through an employment of abstraction.

A key constituent that runs through my work is an exploration of aspects of human agency, with a particular focus on how individuals negotiate being in public spaces, depicting the sensation of being in these places, and then forging a forms of 'mental landscapes' from the initial source material.

Initially these ideas found an outlet solely through painting and the source material was derived from frenetic public urban spaces such as busy shopping centres, train stations and city centres. More recently my source material and attention has shifted to explore how, virtual social worlds, networks, and the use of screens and electronic media in the everyday have been significant mechanisms in a dissolving of separate public and private spheres.

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