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John is a writer and director, but his forte is in video editing and sound design. He has worked for reputable clients such as Don Felder, Modern Videofilm, HGTV and Red Pictures, just to name a few.
Born as John Sevier Austin in Charlotte, North Carolina, John has been working with sound and film all his life and has been using programs like Avid and Adobe software for over ten years. John is senior video editor at RHB Creative in Huntersville, North Carolina.
At the age of eight he befriended a union projectionist and learned how to operate the 35mm film projectors in movie theaters. From there he became involved in video production, producing some shorts which started landing him editing jobs at small production companies. In 2008 he moved to Hollywood to attend film school at The Los Angeles Film School and was on call as an editor and projectionist.
In 2013 he finished his documentary The Projection Room, a film about the lost art of the projectionist and the future of digital cinema. He lives in North Carolina and edits for clients nationwide and can most likely be found hanging with friends or working with local artists for art’s sake.

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