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Los Angeles and New York

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Producer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer


  1. Michael Haff
  2. Allen Henson
  3. Neil Krug
  4. Planetary Collective
  5. WeSC
  6. Josh Penn Soskin
  7. Jeffrey Karoff
  8. Alexander Tikhomirov
  9. Nicolas Heller
  10. Altamont Apparel
  11. RVCA
  12. KR3W DENIM
  13. kelly loudenberg
  15. The Goblins are Dead
  16. Glamorama TV
  17. Charles LUCIMA
  18. Dave Tozin

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  1. The only thing that has worked for me thus far is Adobe Media Encoder. But even with a 4TB G Drive its taking forever. So while your transcoding find a hobby. But if your working in Avid off a server you cool as well.