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Regisseur en filmmaker.
John Twigt is the founder and owner of Workstation-Amsterdam. This audiovisual media production company, was set up in 1998 and is based in Amsterdam.
John has been a director and D.O.P. since 1988 and directed and produced a wide variety of television programs, commercials, online communication and corporate films.

His TV work includes a great deal of documentary work about art and culture. He has directed series such as Jonge Mensen op weg naar het concertpodium (on young careers in classical music), Passaat (on world music), Pauze TV (a hugely successful series associated with a popular print magazine for late teenagers) and Forza (another magazine-styled programme for adolescents this time), as well as countless documentaries on the Concertgebouw Orchestra and individual musicians.
As its first director, John was also essential for the conception of the still very popular SBS news program: Hart van Nederland.
His portfolio includes both documentaries for international aid and development organisations (Terres des Hommes, Unicef) and sheer entertainment programmes such as Heels on Wheels as well as numerous independent DVD productions such as those for the European Jazz Trio and Leiden University.

To date, John has directed (at often also produced) well over 250 television broadcasts. In all, he has directed television programmes for AVRO, VARA, NCRV, KRO, NPS, RVU, TROS, TELEAC, BNN, Veronica/VOO/Yorin, RTL 4 and 5, Sport7, TMF, MTV, FOX, SBS 6 and NET5. And his achievements so far also include an equally large number of corporates and commercials.

Thus, his sound ability to vary in subject and tone is reflected in his wide-ranging portfolio

Specialties: Well experienced director, specializes in documentaries, corporate communication and tv-shows. Extensive knowledge of DSLR and broadcast camera's. Fields of interest are music, arts, heritage and culture.

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