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You are welcome by "Joker Trio" company!

Dear Gentlemen,

We offer to your attention a brief presentation of the work of our company in the Russian market.

Based in 2002, company "Joker Trio" has chosen one of the perspective directions in the market of consumer goods. It is a creation and manufacturing of adornments from the category of costume jewellery with application of own art development and ideas in the design, executed according to the world jeweler technologies.

At the moment of foundation of our company in Russia some companies working in the same direction has already carried out the activity. So our primary goal was to create and applicate in work the unique innovative ideas which were distinct from competitors in quality of design and an end-product.

During working on one the largest Russian manufactures of ornaments founders of the company have accumulated an experience which allow to find interesting decisions for dynamical development of their own business on the basis of more progressive ideas in design and marketing.

As a result for a short period of time ~Joker Trio~ has proved (showed) itself in the Russian market as the manufacturer of unique ornaments and accessories which are widely recognized due to a combination of high quality of manufacturing and originality of art development. Thus the assortment of our goods has regular supplemented with new models which are interesting to our clients.

We have worked out essentially (principlly) new approach in work of our firm. It is based on attraction of young and gifted artists and designers who make the decision in concrete projects, create and embody original ideas. As practice of our works has shown, young artists manage to solve many problems in design more interestingly. They are capable to connect and embody newer and courageous plans with a rich cultural heritage of our world.

A big role in creation of our ornaments and accessories play historical, ethnic, mythological and other art materials which we constantly collect, study and analyze. Further we apply this knowledge for creation an original ideas during manufacture of basic production of the firm.

In our work we continue ancient traditions of masters of various cultures and times. Also we apply the newest technologies in creation of highly artistic products for the modern people who feel necessity of aesthetic things surrounding them in a life.

The main customers of our products are young men from 15 till 35 years. They prefer our goods as being in standard price group, products of our company have more original and individual style.

We try to accept significant participation in formation of new values in system of consumer preferences, doing an emphasis on art quality and search of new original decisions and ideas.

Also during work we pay steadfast attention to already operating world manufacturers of the given goods. We study their assortment and new development with interest. The analytics of the given information and materials helps us to think out and create really original projects which can advance in design of potential competitors.

One of the perspective directions of work for the nearest future our company considers the project of creation and introduction in mass production qualitative, highly artistic accessories for an additional art-aesthetic ornament of interiors of inhabited and office premises, doors, windows, furniture and etc.

During the work with individual customers on creation of the given art accessories we had worked out the "know-how" of the given products and have analyzed their cost price.

These calculations, real value and demand for the given products in the Russian market allow us to make the positive conclusion about prospects of output and as a result reception of financial benefits from this project.

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