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JOLEFILM is a theatre, cinema and documentary production company located in Padua,
born in 1999 to develop the projects of the Italian actor Marco Paolini.
Productions have aimed at developing public awareness of current topics tied to Italian and
European territories, bringing out young talent and collaborating with renowned
professionals in the field.
Among the latest film and documentary productions: Il Milione. Quaderno veneziano by
Marco Paolini and In tempo, ma rubato by Giuseppe Baresi (2009), Via Anelli by Marco
Segato and Chi ga vinto ? by Enrico Lando (2008), La mal’ombra by Andrea Segre and
Francesco Cressati (2007); and for live television (La7) broadcasts of theatre performances
by Marco Paolini: Ausmerzen (2011) Miserabili. Io e Margaret Thatcher and La macchina
del capo (2009), Album d’aprile (2008) and Il Sergente (2007).
Francesco Bonsembiante has also produced the three Ritratti by Carlo Mazzacurati,
dedicated to Mario Rigoni Stern, Andrea Zanzotto and Luigi Meneghello (2000-2002).
Via Quarto 16
35138 Padova
Tel. +39 049 8718175
Fax +39 049 8735263

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